Dog Owners Reviews of Phyllis McGough Dog Training San Antonio

We place a very high value on customer feedback to ensure we stay in tune with our clients needs and expectations and continue to deliver excellent results and customer service. Every customer is given a feedback form which may be returned freepost to our Head Office. The feedback is logged, and where client permission has been given, the testimonials from those feedback forms are published below.

We were stunned at how easily Phyllis took charge from the moment she came into our home. She was so kind and yet established her role as leader immediately. We appreciated her confidence in us as trainers. Knowing she was just a phone call away was a tremendous benefit.
Michael K., San Antonio, Texas 3rd May 2018

Trainer, Phyllis McGough, is fabulous. She's very thorough. 24 hours later my fur babies have responded to the techniques & I am learning to be in control. I love the positive reinforcement and the change in my babies. I am so glad that I saw the Bark Buster vehicle on the highway and called. We are on our way to a loving, peaceful home where the humans are in control. Thank you Bark Busters and Phyllis!
DeAnna A., San Antonio, Texas 11th February 2018

Phyllis was simply amazing. She couldn't have been more patient with us. Her explanations regarding the psychology behind the training was thorough and enlightening. We were able to see progress in Laci before Phyllis even left and continue to see progress everyday. I have already recommended Bark Busters to my son in another city and would gladly give a glowing recommendation to anyone else having issues with their dog. :)
Karen C., San Antonio, Texas 15th January 2018

Phyllis is a wonder. Her instructions were clear and ease to understand. I have seen good results with my puppy. I would highly recommend Bark Busters.
Connie P., San Antonio, Texas 1st December 2017

Phyllis was awesome, we learned a lot and now we have tools to use and homework. Our dogs responded quicker than I expected and hope to do right by using what we learned.
Kay R., San Antonio, Texas 20th October 2017

Phyllis was phenomenal! She was detailed in the explanation of each training tools and procedures. Our dogs responded very well to the training. We were so pleased with this.
Wesley & Felicia D., San Antonio, Texas 9th September 2017

Phyllis was terrific! She taught us to "speak & think" like our dogs so we could train them and they would respond better. It works!
Joy B., San Antonio, Texas 10th July 2017

Phyllis was great. She gave me some tools and skills to use and I can actually walk my dog now after only one session.
Tammy M., San Antonio, Texas 19th June 2017

Very happy! Learned a lot and have been to several obedience classes in the past.
Jennifer W., San Antonio, Texas 11th May 2017

I am a believer! I can honestly say I am amazed at how effective this training is. It solved problems I didn't even know I had. My friends and neighbors have even noticed & commented on how much calmer Grayson is now when we go for walks. He can sit at the end of our driveway while another dog walks by now without barking & going crazy - that was unheard of not even 1 month ago!! Phyllis is a very good trainer & communicated clearly what I need to do, allowing me to transfer my new skills to any area I needed. Very empowering & effective. Thank you, Phyllis!!
Kim D., San Antonio, Texas 20th April 2017

Penelope came to us from a local rescue agency with lots of love to give, but very few manners. As a Great Dane, she was much too large to just put up with her bouncy behavior, so we decided to call Bark Busters after getting a recommendation from our vet. Phyllis was so wonderful - she had Penelope listening in just a few short minutes and she had us understanding what were doing wrong - and how to fix it. Penelope is so much more enjoyable and HAPPY. I would recommend her (Phyllis)!
Susan L., Boerne, Texas 10th April 2017

Phyllis took her time and explained everything that I needed to know about my pets behavior. She took me step-by-step through the techniques to help adjust those behaviors. Before she left, they had already made progress with following cues.
Pamela S., San Antonio, Texas 31st March 2017

Phyllis McGough is an excellent teacher. It appears she has a natural ability to convey the "message" in a concise, easy to understand and efficient way. Adjusted to our specific situation. The paperwork supplied provides additional, very useful information to understand the training methodology and how a dog interprets its surrounds.
Gerhard & Eva S., Boerne, Texas 1st March 2017

I love how Phyllis explained everything and was so patient with Colt. Thank you for showing me how to be a good leader to my dog.
Selina G., San Antonio, Texas 28th February 2017

Bark Busters Home Dog Training techniques were perfect for me and Winston. He actually responded quickly and we have FUN training together. I really appreciated Phyllis' knowledge and years of experience. She was a huge help and our little family is much better with the discipline implemented. :) Thank You!!!
Tracy S., San Antonio, Texas 20th February 2017

At first I was nervous about the cost of this training. However, this training was more in-depth than the typical training. I could not figure out what was going on with my dog who was a selective listener. The training has helped me regain control over my dog which was been less stressful on everyone in my home. Thank you Bark Busters. Your methods are outstanding!
Ashley A., San Antonio, Texas 17th February 2017

Phyllis did an outstanding job. She quickly assessed my GSD issues and we jumped into training. The techniques were easy to follow and Phoebe responded exceptionally well. By the next day, her barking had almost completely ceased. She seems calmer and happier with my new role as pack leader. Our walks are much more pleasurable & her attitude has changed significantly. Thank you so much for your guidance and training tools! I am a true believer.
Kimberly M., San Antonio, Texas 2nd December 2016

Charley was head of his puppy class several years ago, but had begun recently to "train us" and was not behaving well. Only one session with Phyllis made a HUGE difference. She educated us, and put us in charge of Charley's behavior. She made us the "leader of his pack!" What a difference! He now could likely be head of his class once again. We have used her technique on our Pug to help her stop barking at dogs on TV! We cannot tell you how pleased we are. Phyllis is GREAT and we heartily recommend her to anyone needing to learn to be "leader of the pack" for their dogs.
Harry & Benay C., San Antonio, Texas 10th November 2016

We were very overwhelmed after adopting 2 dogs at the same time. They were high energy, destructive, and non-responsive to us. We were very concerned that we would have to return one of them. For us, that had to be the very last option, so we contacted Bark Busters based on their online reviews. We have seen a remarkable change in our dogs in the first week after our training session with Phyllis. Our dogs are manageable and enjoyable. We can't believe the difference one training session has made and are excited about the ongoing progress.
Jacques M., San Antonio, Texas 2nd October 2016

Phyllis was amazing to work with. She was so patient and understanding of our dogs and our situation. She addressed all of our concerns and followed up appropriately. We would recommend her and Bark Busters.
McKenzie S., San Antonio, Texas 15th September 2016

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