Dog Owners Reviews of Phyllis McGough Dog Training San Antonio

When we contacted Phyllis to bring Bark Busters training to Sunny, we had no idea the change in store for her and us! Sunny had come to us only a year before and was fearful and nervous about a lot of things in her environment. With Phyllis's suggestions, training, and explanations, we began to understand how consistency and security were going to be the keys to unlock the happy little personality we now observe. I am so pleased to share with Phyllis the progress Sunny has made, and Phyllis is always there with great suggestions when we have questions. We have gone from avoiding new situations because we did not know how Sunny would react to actually looking for new ones so Sunny can grow and learn! My husband says Bark Busters is the best money we could have spent on Sunny. I totally agree!
Joey L., Center Point, Texas 2nd August 2013

OMG! I saw a difference in Jayde after just a few hrs. I think Phyllis is wonderful. If not for her Jayde would have been put down. She made me understand Jayde on level I did not know exited. The training really works an knowledge of your pet is key!
Belinda F., San Antonio, Texas 19th July 2013

It made so much sense when Phyllis explained how our dog was thinking. Saw unbelievable results the very next day, too. Friends and family have all commented on how much better she is doing. Loved the simplicity of the techniques. Did not feel overwhelmed like I had with other trainings. Phyllis was great. I think this will change our lives.
B.F., San Antonio, Texas 23rd June 2013

It seemed like common sense after she explained some things. His barking is already at a minimum. I like that it does't involve treats all the time. It made me realize it is a lot alike working with my pre-school class
A.E., San Antonio, Texas 10th June 2013

Phyllis was wonderful with my little Yorkie and was detailed in giving me comprehensive education and information, but still allowing my preferences and beliefs to be respected.
V.S., San Antonio, Texas 1st June 2013

Phyllis helped us understand our dog's behavior in a very simple manner The techniques were easy to understand once we understood how they related to our dog. We have been looking for years a way to train our dog that didn't include food, the clicker or any type of physical contact. Phyllis mad the training very fun and what we learned about our dog was great. Phyllis seemed to really enjoy what she does and made our first session very fun. We are very excited about training our dog. Our dog liked Phyllis and responded well to her. She really seems to care about her dog clients
S.D., Boerne, Texas 18th May 2013

What a wonderful experience!
S.G., Boerne, Texas 5th March 2013

She was so calm and soothing I really enjoyed our time together. The techniques are so easy.
J.F., San Antonio, Texas 27th February 2013

Phyllis was professional, loved my pups, friendly, very bright and easy to talk to. Absolutely noticed a difference -it was terrific -I'm the leader now, they're not. I enjoyed watching the instant change in the dogs. One friend in particular asked me last night if I knew of someone who could help train her dog -I just smiled!
R.H., San Antonio, Texas 8th February 2013

She's a different dog already. I can't wait to see what things look like a month from now. Phyllis is a pleasure to work with"¦ very patient and encouraging.
S.J., San Antonio, Texas 26th November 2012

Very easy to follow; enjoyed the visuals. We learned a lot about how our dog views the world and how this relates to her behavior. We enjoyed the personal one on one attention.
J.H., San Antonio, Texas 20th August 2012

Lady's toilet problems have improved already! Appreciate all Phyllis's help.
C.M., San Antonio, Texas 21st July 2012

Phyllis was great and explained everything completely and succinctly! Terrific! We'll all benefit from the training.
S.L., San Antonio, Texas 13th June 2012

Phyllis was patient and would go back over something I did not understand. Love that treats are not used and even though I had dogs for almost 40 years I learned a lot of techniques. Phyllis is an excellent teacher and listened also to what I wanted to accomplish. If Teddie does develop other problems -nice to know you are there to help.
B.M., San Antonio, Texas 17th May 2012

Good handouts and flipchart helped reinforce the concepts discussed. Very organized. Phyllis is calm and has obviously seen a huge variety of situations in her career.
D.F., San Antonio, Texas 12th May 2012

Phyllis was a Professional. She spent time with every exercise. It was an education.
B.L., San Antonio, Texas 12th April 2012

Everything made sense. I loved the immediate results with these techniques. I enjoyed learning how to effectively communicate with my pup. The training worked so well that I think everyone with a dog could benefit from it.
A.D., San Antonio, Texas 17th March 2012

Phyllis was excellent. Using the techniques she taught helped me teach my dog different behavior.
N.J., San Antonio, Texas 2nd March 2012

I like how the techniques are explained in a way that is logical and mirrors how the dogs' brain works.
J.G., San Antonio, Texas 4th February 2012

I prefer not using treats. She (Phyllis) was very nice! Time flew by we had fun and she made us excited to start training. I've already told two people with new dogs to call!
E.F., San Antonio, Texas 1st February 2012

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