Dog Owners Reviews of Phyllis McGough Dog Training San Antonio

Phyllis McGough is very good at explaining the entire procedure!
L.J., Fair Oaks Ranch, Texas 24th October 2011

Excellent and humane techniques. Great tools, too. Dogs behaving much better.
K.F., San Antonio, Texas 17th October 2011

My kids were actually able to sit on the floor and play with their puppy that evening without her biting them.
C.G., San Antonio, Texas 5th October 2011

I was very pleased as I was nervous thinking about having a real gruff trainer but all went very well. Phyllis was so enjoyable to be around. What can I say, I am a believer.
L.M., San Antonio, Texas 27th September 2011

Phyllis is a genuine Professional - I have trained dogs for over 50 years and she surely showed this - old dog some new tricks. All the problems were mine to correct.
R.J., San Antonio, Texas 4th September 2011

Phyllis was very easy to understand. Phyllis is very pleasant to work with. She is patient and invites questions, doing her best to offer solutions.
D.G., San Antonio, Texas 22nd August 2011

Overall a very good procedure. I am seeing a difference in his behavior, i.e. barking and obeying commands.
D.K., San Antonio, Texas 11th August 2011

Very well done. -Enlightening- excellent representation. You have a good operation.
C.K., Boerne, Texas 1st August 2011

She was excellent. My dog was very responsive. I am surprised how well my dog responded, this is very good information and it works very well
A.G., Boerne, Texas 15th May 2011

We were able to follow her instructions easily and duplicate her results after she left. Totally different dog -in a good way -from day one. Eve responded -and continues to respond -beautifully.
A.M., San Antonio, Texas 12th April 2011

Instructions were very clear. Therapist availability to answer question very helpful.
S.H., San Antonio, Texas 29th March 2011

Phyllis is very knowledgeable and presented the info very well!
O.G., San Antonio, Texas 21st March 2011

I was high impressed with Phyllis and the training -very informative and patient. I can't say enough. I'm so glad we had Bark Busters out.
L.G., Casterville, Texas 18th March 2011

I have already talked with my friends as they were aware of the issues we were having. Phyllis was wonderful. She was informative and demonstrated exactly how and what we need to do. We were desperate for help and have seen much improvement in just a couple of days
K.M., San Antonio, Texas 12th March 2011

Would recommend her again and again!
J.M., San Antonio, Texas 20th February 2011

We have seen a big change in Max -a much more calm dog.
K.G., San Antonio, Texas 28th January 2011

Very good translations of English to Dog and Dog to English. They make sense and are sustainable techniques. Lots of info, very encouraging!
C.J., San Antonio, Texas 25th January 2011

We are very pleased with our results so far and find life with our two dogs to be much more enjoyable.
L.M., Boerne, Texas 30th October 2010

Repeated techniques several times to be sure I understood. My dog is already staying on her cushion while I prepare dinner. Phyllis is a delight to work with.
S.M., Boerne, Texas 11th October 2010

By the time she left, he was noticeably listening better and behaving like never before. He was like a brand new dog! Phyllis, our trainer was funny and helped with our individual issues. Blue responded immediately to her training, which gave us hope.
J.M., San Antonio, Texas 20th July 2010

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