Dog Owners Reviews of Phyllis McGough Dog Training San Antonio

Phyllis with Bark Busters is wonderful. She showed me why my dog was acting the way he was. She trained me to communicate with my dog in a way to change his behavior. I can now take him for stress-free walks no matter what or who we encounter. We camp with him every weekend now which could never have happened before. I think Bark Busters is miraculous!!!
Sandra B., San Antonio, Texas 20th August 2015

I am so glad I called & had Bark Busters come out to my home. This was a BIG plus in having the training in our home as Phyllis was able to see exactly how our dogs were behaving in their environment. I've done the training at other facilities, but this was by far the best! Phyllis is so knowledgeable about every situation I showed her. The dogs all responded wonderfully & now I know how to be in charge! Thank you - Bark Busters!
Diane W., Boerne, Texas 29th July 2015

Our initial training with Phyllis gave us a wealth of information presented in a clear and concise manner. We have four dogs. Daisy, the youngest at 18 months, was our juvenile delinquent. With Phyllis' help we began to understand the pack mentality and hierarchy. We began to realize that were not at the top of that chain. The training was fun and the results were quite noticeable and immediate. I highly recommend Phyllis to help solve any dog issue.
Sandra D., San Antonio, Texas 20th July 2015

Phyllis is great. We have had 2 sessions with her, with the second session being today, 7/15/15. Since her first visit, we have applied her techniques, and our dogs are doing much better. She taught us a lot about dog behavior, and we parents were NOT doing very well! Today I learned even more from her. She (Phyllis) is a great teacher. We have a few more things to work on; however, I now feel that with help from Phyllis - we know what to do. Our dogs no longer rush the door every time the doorbell rings! They actually come when called. (Our little Chihuahua still needs a little more work here, but is better!) All in all we are very pleased with Bark Busters!
Fred K., San Antonio, Texas 15th July 2015

My husband I were astonished at how quickly our dogs responded to Phyllis and our commands during our first visit! Phyllis was very calm & professional with us and our dogs. She explained each challenge clearly and her demonstrations were easy to comprehend and follow. It is quiet apparent that Phyllis loves what she does. We would highly recommend Phyllis & Bark Busters to other family & friends. Thank you for making this process and success achievable.
Megan H., San Antonio, Texas 14th July 2015

Bennett is responding already to the Bah - growl and listening/coming to us much better now. The training aids have been very helpful, too. Wish I'd known about this when we first got her 7 months ago - it would have saved her and us a lot of frustration.
Pam J., San Antonio, Texas 8th July 2015

Bark Busters helped up a lot! They helped us have more control over our dog. Having him being more obedient, made it easier to be with. Would definitely recommend Bark Busters to any pet owner!
Vitthal K., San Antonio, Texas 3rd July 2015

I am completely satisfied with results of applying Ms. McGough's instructions to me. My dog "Sissy" showed immediate changes in her behavior when I assumed a "Leader" roll. I never would have recognized how I allowed myself to be "On Leash". Sissy a smart dog enjoys her 'Retirement'. We still have a long way to go before she is a 'Happy Dog' with other people and dogs. Ms. McGough is wonderful with clear instructions.
Charles W., San Antonio, Texas 26th June 2015
Trainer's Comments
Sissy was used for breeding and has issues of trust with other dogs and people, but she is learning to trust Charlie as the leader and is beginning to relax in her new life.

Phyllis did a tremendous job in helping modify our dog's behavior. Very well understood the problems and remedies. I would recommend Phyllis to friends and family.
Jerome E., San Antonio, Texas 18th June 2015

OMG! Phyllis is a miracle worker! We brought our new puppy (Marley) home in May and our lives turned upside down. Marley is very active, barking a lot, chewing, jumping all over the other two dogs and just being a wild and crazy puppy. We had no control over him at all. After talking with Phyllis we realized we were letting our dogs run the show. This was a real eye-opener for my husband and I. Phyllis showed us how to "speak dog" and she showed us easy techniques we could use right away to show them we were in charge - not them. All 3 dogs responded immediately (much to our surprise) and it has made them much calmer in the process. We are learning that the better "dog leaders" we become the more relaxed they get. Phyllis was so patient with us and she explained things in terms we could understand. She also made the training fun! I would highly recommend Phyllis and the Bark Busters program for anyone who has any behavior issues with their dog. You & your dog will benefit tremendously from this program.
Laure Z., San Antonio, Texas 10th June 2015

The consultation was very informative and educational. I never released how many things I was doing wrong, but Bark Busters showed me the correct way to train my dog. I never thought I would see the day when I could walk my dog without being dragged. I recommend this to anyone who owns a dog, even if they are not having problems. I have seen how my dog has trained me instead of the other way around. Thank you, Bark Busters!
Jade F., San Antonio, Texas 23rd May 2015

Phyllis is great. The dogs are responding well and I am determined to follow thru the daily exercises. I feel confident for the first time that I can do this. Everything is laid out and I am remaining calm and taking my time. No more yelling and being frustrated!
Josie D., San Antonio, Texas 19th May 2015

I/We have lots to learn but we are up for the challenge and the goal is to be the best MASTERS/Leader of the Pack!
Pam L., San Antonio, Texas 10th May 2015

It will be wonderful after we've worked with her more consistently. It was a miracle after just one lesson and gave us a goal. Emma has a high energy personality and Phyllis helped us figure out how to cope better with her. Thank you so much.
Sallie P., San Antonio, Texas 6th May 2015

Phyllis made things easy to understand. She has us started out in the right direction. Well worth it - Results the first day.
Wayne C., San Antonio, Texas 6th May 2015

Phyllis presented information in a clear & concise manner. She was very helpful with training my dogs. Phyllis has a wealth of experience as both a trainer and an owner.
Doug P., San Antonio, Texas 10th April 2015

Excellent! Immediate results. We are amazed at how quickly Stella responded to training.
Jerry & D B., San Antonio, Texas 7th April 2015

Phyllis was wonderful and made us understand the behavior of our dogs. We've seen a huge difference and are extremely grateful.
Sonya G., Boerne, Texas 2nd April 2015

Was very please how Chase responded to the training. I feel great using Bark Busters to better understand my dog.
Alexis T., San Antonio, Texas 20th March 2015

Phyllis is outstanding! She is confident and competent. We are reassured by her that we are in this for the haul. We are experiencing small victories with each session. We have made great strides and have great expectations for future successes. Phyllis is so good to affirm and encourage. We look forward to a long relationship with Bark Busters through Phyllis.
Jeff N., San Antonio, Texas 9th March 2015

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