Dog Owners Reviews of Phyllis McGough Dog Training San Antonio

Phyllis was great. I was able to see immediate improvement before she left on the first day home with Daisy, it was amazingly different. I know that my dog can be a good dog and great companion w/o driving me crazy.
Dawn C., San Antonio, Texas 1st March 2015

Phyllis was great!
Toni W., Garden Ridge, Texas 21st February 2015

Phyllis is personable and concise. Her explanations were clear and allowed flexibility where appropriate. We saw comprehension by Bernadette. Bernadette and Russ and I are embarked on a training process and believe Phyllis has put us on the right track.
Lilli K., San Antonio, Texas 24th January 2015

We were very impressed to see how Sugar responded immediately to training. The information presented to us was very clear. We knew after one lesson that this program would work for us and is exactly what we needed. Glad to have Phyllis as the presenter.
Grace & Dale W., Boerne, Texas 22nd January 2015

I interviewed a lot of trainers, all with different methods, this is a method I really feel like I am communicating with my dogs. Within minutes I noticed a difference, they were staying away from a room I did not want them in. The technique is respect, mutual respect.
Laurie A., San Antonio, Texas 17th January 2015

Phyllis was awesome. I can't wait to continue down the leaning lessons of puppyhood with her help.
Marla S., San Antonio, Texas 14th January 2015

Very informative, taught me things I did not know about why my dogs behave the way they do. Understanding that is the key to training out bad behavior.
Deana B., San Antonio, Texas 9th January 2015

Phyllis was very clear and relatable. One of our dogs who is very anxious had calmed down a lot after just doing some short training. All of the things Phyllis said made sense and I wish I had known them all along. We have already given your name out!
Shari C., Helotes, Texas 7th January 2015

Phyllis made it welcoming to ask more questions and explained scenarios to get a better understanding. I was so surprised that my dog didn't barge the door after he received the training. I was extremely happy that the focus was to think how my pet thinks and learn to be the pack leader from there. Training was very interesting to learn what I thought I was doing versus what I was actually doing to encourage my pet's behavior. I believe the services 'Bark Busters' provide are invaluable and can improved the relationship of any dog and their owner. I'm very pleased with the easy to use equipment and clear documents Phyllis provided for me to continue training. A minimum of 30 minutes a day is nothing to make the most for me and my Bronson's relationship.
Tiffany M., San Antonio, Texas 1st January 2015

Even after just one session, we saw a major change in our dogs. Much more responsive to us, and able to control the jumping and barking. We have already recommended to friends. Phyllis was great in calling and checking in with us, and also follow-up revisit.
Jan P., San Antonio, Texas 29th December 2014

Phyllis is an excellent trainer, explained everything down to dogs biting their nails. From A - Z she showed how and why dogs are the way they are and also she was patient when asked questions.
Natalie S., San Antonio, Texas 10th December 2014

Phyllis repeats things so I would "get the methodology". Eunice, our dog, was acting better - less in control - more following me. Common dog sense approach works. Phyllis is VERY patient with owners. Thanks, Phyllis! You're a good trainer - patient, understanding, just GREAT. Consider having a YouTube channel by you - Phyllis - with 1-2 minute pointers to show what a great person you are.
Robert R., San Antonio, Texas 17th November 2014

Every session has been easy to understand and truly helpful. Phyllis is so patient and knowledgeable, I learn so much every lesson. I like that every technique is building on the last. I have already told everyone I know about Bark Busters. I truly believe that there is no problem that Phyllis and Bark Busters can't solve. Every dog owner should go through this program. Before Phyllis came to work with me I was afraid we would have to give one of our dogs up. Our house was chaos and I was miserable. I dreaded coming home to my misbehaving dogs. Now they are more attentive & calm and I love spending time with them...and its only been 2 months. Thank you, Phyllis and Bark Busters.
Jennifer T., San Antonio, Texas 9th November 2014

Phyllis was extremely clear and straightforward. Her confidence in her knowledge was very encouraging. Extremely informative and easy to continue. You can't beat the price, especially for all the help and resources you get. Thank you !!
April W., San Antonio, Texas 6th November 2014

During and right after - barking subsided. Phyllis was extremely professional.
Veronica V., San Antonio, Texas 5th November 2014

Not only were we training Gus but we were training ourselves. We learned very valuable tools in our first session.
Kendall H., Boerne, Texas 3rd November 2014

Phyllis was very friendly and informative. She made the material exciting and fun. Her information was helpful and easy to understand.
Holly K., San Antonio, Texas 1st November 2014

Phyllis was very thorough and knowledgeable.
Kristin M., San Antonio, Texas 20th October 2014

We rescued our one year-old Golden Retriever, Max, from an abusive home environment and thought our love alone would be enough for Max to recover. Instead, Max had separation anxiety and would climb any fence, or scratch through any door or window to get to us. My husband was out of patience when I decided to call Phyllis McGough at the Hill Country Bark Busters for help. Phyllis observed both us and Max in action. We learned that Max thought we needed him to be an alpha pack leader because we were "sweet people". Phyllis taught us various practices and training drills. We learned to be calm, confident leaders which freed Max to be the loving, calm dog that he actually was. The story of Max does not end there. He went on to undergo a complete transformation. Max went through an AKC Good Citizenship course and followed that with therapy dog situational training. Now Max brings comfort to children in hospitals, or helps primary school students practice their reading skills every week while lying atop Max at the school library. Max went from being an abused dog to helping children, and in the process brought a lot of love and purpose to our family.
Lisa B., Boerne, Texas 12th October 2014

Phyllis was patient and answered all my questions. She is knowledgeable and I felt very capable and comfortable with the training techniques.
Cami C., San Antonio, Texas 15th September 2014

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