Dog Owners Reviews of Phyllis McGough Dog Training San Antonio

Explained techniques and the "why" behind techniques, ensured I understood everything. Both my dogs were responding in a way I've never seen before. I love that neither negative or positive reinforcement is used - just speaking the dogs' language which seems much more effective. My dogs are responding better than anything I've ever tried, definitely worth it.
Ashley A., San Antonio, Texas 12th September 2014

Very clear and easy to follow. So happy to real lasting results without any use of shock collar or other devices. It was so enlightening to find out it was much of the way I communicated with my dog is the response I get back from her. Very happy with the results an continued support.
Lesley N., San Antonio, Texas 31st July 2014

Cabo especially was much better behaved after Phyllis was here. Phyllis was fantastic! We could not have asked for a better coach. The dogs were different and better behaved immediately.
Dave L., San Antonio, Texas 19th July 2014

Phyllis - you are a knowledgable trainer - we love the way you show us how to get results!!!
Jay F., Boerne, Texas 3rd July 2014

I thought Phyllis was fantastic!!! She did a great job of explaining thing in a way I could understand. She did an excellen job. My dogs need a lot of work....or should I say I need a lot of work.
Kelly M., San Antonio, Texas 25th June 2014

Easy to follow presentation / demonstration.
Albert A., San Antonio, Texas 19th May 2014

We have been impressed by the effectiveness of this training approach. Phyllis is skilled in communicating the method and a pleasure to work with.
Merrily L., Blanco, Texas 1st May 2014

She,'Phyllis', explained everything very clear & even told us why the techniques work with Annabel's personality. Found it very helpful & hands on, I was confident when the trainer left.
Caroline S., San Antonio, Texas 6th April 2014

I was Amazed to see Zaila doing things I've been trying to get her to do in less than 2 hours of training. I would Definitely recommend Bark Busters to anyone.
Betty D., San Antonio, Texas 4th April 2014

Phyllis had a great rapport with Cowboy. She is an excellent communicator with dogs and people. I now know we can make real changes in Cowboy's separation anxiety. Hopefully, Phyllis can also greatly improve our understanding of all things "dog" and we are happy to work and learn from her.
Molly T., San Antonio, Texas 16th March 2014

Showed us what to do and helped us use the techniques. 'Snowball' - she was a lot calmer and attentive. Simple techniques and easy to learn.
Elizabeth A., San Antonio, Texas 14th March 2014

Excellent session! Appreciated the one-on-on training between trainer, dog and owner. The explanation of our dog's "thinking and response" behavioral patterns was quite helpful.
Bruce & Cheryl L., San Antonio, Texas 10th March 2014

Phyllis provided clear and easy to follow training techniques. Very pleased with the training so far.
Diana C., New Braunfels, Texas 3rd March 2014

Right level of detail, and handouts really helpful for review. Immediately - Rowdy was much calmer and more settled after we stopped responding to his invitations for attention and began providing him attention on our terms. Phyllis is an excellent teacher. As good with owners as with the dog. We have made tremendous progress with Rowdy and its been fun/rewarding. Worth every penny.
Sally M., San Antonio, Texas 22nd February 2014

Phyllis was very helpful and demonstrated the techniques. Layla started listening more and has continued even after the training session. I enjoy not using treates and trying to wean Layla off. I learned a lot of techniques I was doing wrong and letting Layla be in charge. I would recommend 'Bark Busters' to everyone. They take their time an are so good at explaining everything. I love how patient Phyllis was with myself and Layla. I felt comfortable with letting her into my home and allowing her to help coach myself and Layla.
Cassidy L., San Antonio, Texas 1st February 2014

Phyllis is amazing!
Kori W., San Antonio, Texas 22nd January 2014

We are glad to have Phyllis as our trainer. We trust all the direction we have been given and can already see how positive this experience if going to be.
Amanda V., San Antonio, Texas 13th January 2014

Phyllis took the time to explain verbally then reinforce in practice once again explaining as she went. It was great to learn something new and better understand how to communicate with our dog.
Matt G., San Antonio, Texas 7th December 2013

Really appreciated Phyllis's expertise and hard work.
April S., San Antonio, Texas 28th September 2013

Phyllis was impressive from minute one. I was amazed at the almost immediate results with our dogs. The process is ongoing, but the progress is very encouraging. Phyllis listened to our specific needs and concerns, then customized her approach to address these needs. She has also been very digigent in her follow-up. It feels like we have an ally. Money very well spent!
Cindy A., San Antonio, Texas 15th August 2013

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